Science and Religion

Derek A. Leben, Science and Religion, Fall 2016

Course Description:

This course will address the question: what is the relationship between science and religion? The content will be divided into three units. The first unit will compare arguments for the following positions about science and religion: they are either (1) mutually supportive, (2) completely unrelated, or (3) incompatible. The second unit will consider specific topics where science and religion have historically clashed: the creation of the universe, the nature of mind, historical claims, ethics, and the question of design in nature. Finally, the third unit will focus on debates surrounding the ‘foundations’ of both scientific methods and religious faith.


- Science and Religion: A Historical Introduction ed. Gary Gerngren
- Rocks of Ages by Stephen Jay Gould
- Faith vs. Fact by Jerry Coyne
- God: The Failed Hypothesis by Victor Stenger


Martin A. Rice, Science And Religion, Spring 2014

Course Description:

This introductory undergraduate course addresses two questions: Does the scientific understanding of the world suffer from a kind of incompleteness that can be remedied by the supernaturalist religions? Or is there even a clash between contemporary science and such religion?

Required Texts:

Clouser, Myth of Religious Neutrality.

Hawking, A Brief History of Time.

Pennock, Intelligent Design Creationism and its Critics.

Heisenberg, Physics and Philosophy

Additional File: 
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