Barbara Petrosky, Spanish Language & Culture 1, Fall 2018

Course Description
As a language course other than English, Spanish 0111 will provide the fundamentals of the Spanish language in order to increase proficiency in the four skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing (Communication). The course will provide you with opportunities to use Spanish both inside and outside the classroom. Students will actively engage themselves in pair/group activities to express themselves in basic situations. Classroom time will be used for intensive language practice in meaningful contexts (i.e,. applying important grammatical concepts, essential vocabulary, and cultural norms needed to maintain basic communication). Class time will consist of communication activities and, when necessary, brief grammatical explanations. Students are expected to study and complete the unfinished exercises in the textbook. The class will be conducted in Spanish and students should attempt to use Spanish as much as possible.

Required Texts:
-Bregstein, Barbara. Easy Spanish Step-by-Step. McGraw Hill Education
ISBN# 978-0-07-146338-6
•If you do not have the textbook after the first week of classes, you will be marked absent until you have the textbook.
-Oxford or Larousse Spanish/English dictionary (Required).