William J. Fine, Composition 1, Fall 2017

Course Description:

In this semester long course, students refine their ability to express themselves with clarity and coherence in various genres of writing; they learn the value of using the writing processes to generate, develop, share, revise, proofread, and edit major writing projects and demonstrate that they can produce essays that show structure, integrate evidence and organize significant content, demonstrate purpose, and reveal an awareness of audience. Required of all freshmen.

Required Texts:

- Corbett, Edward P.J. and Rosa A. Eberly. The Elements of Reasoning. Longman, 2000.
- Harris, Muriel and Jennifer L. Kunza. The Writer’s FAQ: A Pocket Handbook. Pearson, 2017.
- Kirszner, Laurie G. and Stephen R. Mandell. Patterns for College Writing. Bedford, 2015.