Business French

Barbara Petrosky, Business French, Fall 2015

Course Description:

This course will be an introduction to business practices in France. The major topics covered in class will include written business, communication, financial institutions, trade, and advertising. The students will be asked to do translations, to write professional correspondence and to read articles related to the world of business, economics, and finance. Cross-cultural differences regarding the work place are also a focus of the course. Prerequisite: FR 0212

Required Texts:

-Tauzin, Béatrice et Dubois Anne-Lyse : Objectif Express. Le monde professionnel en français 1. Paris : Hachette, 2006.
-Perfournis, Jean-Luc : Vocabulaire progressif du français avec 200 exercices. Deuxième Édition. Paris: CLE International, 2004.

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