International Student Peer Mentoring

Kristen L. Majocha, International Student Peer Mentoring, Spring 2015

Course Description:

In accordance with the university’s strategic plan, the International Student Peer Mentors program is designed to enhance the collegiate experience of international students and their mentors and to educate the campus community. All programs assist with the retention of a diverse student body and the promotion of inclusion and outreach to the campus community. Mentors will assist international students in the acclimation to college life on campus. New, entering, first-year international students are provided one-on-one and group mentoring and cultural acclimation opportunities. The purpose of the mentoring program is two-fold. One – peer mentors will impact first-year international students positively. Two – peer mentors will engage in meaningful work, gain important leadership skills, learn to take responsibility, and increase contact with staff, faculty and administration, while improving their sense of self-worth.

Required Texts:


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