Mars in the Literary Imagination

Jeremy C. Justus, Mars in the Literary Imagination, Fall 2018

Course Description:

This course approaches the planet Mars as an object of both scientific inquiry and imaginative, literary exploration, and it traces the historical relationship between the literature and science of Mars from the late Nineteenth Century to the present. The course takes a global, multidisciplinary approach to appreciating the ways in which our cultural fascination with the Red Planet has spurred both advances in science and developments in pulp fiction, “hard” science fiction, and film. Readings will include both literary and multimedia works in science fiction, creative nonfiction, journalism, and science.

Required Materials:

• Princess of Mars (1912), Edgar Rice Burroughs
• Red Planet (1949), Robert Heinlein
• Martian Chronicles (1950), Ray Bradbury
• Man Plus (1976), Frederik Pohl
• Packing for Mars (2010), Mary Roach
• Life on Mars: Poems (2010), Tracy K Smith
• The Martian (2011), Andy Weir
• Note: Many additional assigned readings will be available digitally. You’ll need regular and reliable internet access for this class
• A Google / Blogger account to be used solely for this class.

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